Relax naturally. Habana Lounger made of organic cotton.
Highly durable. Weatherproof hammocks for the garden.
Robust. Clever. Very easy.
Just chill whereever you want. Our lightweights for travelling.

Hammocks from LA SIESTA – out of love for the product

We feel that a hammock is more than just a place for lying down or for sleeping – a hammock is a genuine cultural asset that we are constantly striving to improve. It expresses a South American attitude towards life, and we have considered ourselves its ambassadors for over 20 years with LA SIESTA hammocks. Since the world of hammocks is a very diverse one, La Siesta’s range includes a broad range of different types of hammocks, offering optimal products for all tastes and purposes.

A classic from South America: Hammocks made in Colombia, Mexico and Brazil

South American hammocks form the heart of LA SIESTA’s world. The historical birthplace of the hammock is South America, and its cloth and net hammocks are unquestionable stars in terms of quality, design and comfort.

Three sizes of hammocks: Single, double and family-sized

LA SIESTA’s hammocks can be categorized in three sizes. Single hammocks are ideal for individualists and don’t require much space for hanging up. Double hammocks are the most popular kind and are the perfect blend of comfort, price and hanging space. The family hammock is the luxury version, offering maximum space for all. One can apply the following rule of thumb here: the bigger the hammock, the more comfort it offers!

As open as it gets – a decorative hammock with a spreader bar

Due to its spreader bar, this type of hammock is always spread and thus always open – without casting a shadow! And that is what makes it a favourite of all sun worshippers. Plus its open surface for lying makes it particularly decorative. A weatherproof king-sized hammock with spreader bar like LA SIESTA Alabama immediately turns every garden into a designated relaxation zone.

The on-the-go hammock : conquering the world with a travel hammock

All you need to do is look for a cool spot, hang up your travel hammock and enjoy: When traveling, a hammock is the perfect chance to take a deep breath and enjoy the beauty around you. Made of parachute silk, its ultralight weight  and its integrated suspension system make the Colibri the perfect companion for hammock fans on-the-go.

It need not always be a hammock: Hammock chairs - for indoors as well

LA SIESTA offers many alternatives to hammocks. LA SIESTA’s hammock chairs are ideal for relaxing, and their stands make them optimally suited for indoors as well. Plus the big lounger hammock chairs from LA SIESTA are a real speciality – a genuine luxury when it comes to spaciousness and comfort.

Because it is fun and healthy: Hammocks for children and babies

Swinging back and forth in hammocks and hanging nests promotes a sense of balance and concentration in children and babies. This is confirmed by the German Federal Association for the Promotion of Posture and Physical Exercise” (BAG), and they expressly recommend LA SIESTA’s products for children and babies. Hanging nest Joki® is a particular favourite among kids for swinging in their rooms.

Convenient hanging up: Innovative suspension systems and elegant hammock stands

Hanging a hammock is no longer a problem with the innovative suspension systems of LA SIESTA. Our patented Tree and Universal Rope Systems can be quickly attached, and they offer the possibility of easy and comfortable adjustment of the length of the rope. Hammock stands such as Canoa, for example, are made of FSC-certified wood and are a jewel for every garden, while perfectly setting the stage for your everyday oasis of well-being.

Our message

The message of the hammock is something very close to our hearts, which is the reason we want to support the people who make them. LA SIESTA has made a social commitment to many South American local projects and in doing so we support, among other things, the use of high-quality and ecological materials such as organic cotton and FSC-certified woods, in order to constantly improve the quality of our products and the living conditions of those who make them.