Hammock chair

The hammock chair will be your new favourite place to retreat, read and relax. The Basic models offer a gently swaying seat. The Kingsize models provide a real hammock atmosphere thanks to their large cloth surface where you can recline completely.

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Hammock chair from LA SIESTA

A hammock chair is the ideal alternative to the hammock. Its suspension is a real space-saver and can therefore be used very well indoors too. It additionally offers the possibility to sit and lie down comfortably, and has quite a number of fans for this very reason.

Hammock chair sizes for every taste

To be able to offer the right size for every taste, LA SIESTA offers two hammock chair sizes. The basic size is ideal for one person and requires just a little space to hang it up – perfect for balconies and interior rooms. The lounger is the luxury liner among hammock chairs. It is equally suited to comfortably sitting or lying, and offers an incredible amount of space for snuggling. You won’t find a much better place to hide out!

The art of genuine South American weaving

All of LA SIESTA’s hammock chairs are handmade in South America by artisans – at the origins of hammocks and the like. The hammock chair material is made of high-quality cotton; and more and more of LA SIESTA’s models use certified organic cotton.

Integrated accessories

Each hammock chair from LA SIESTA is equipped with high-quality accessories inspected by the German Technical Inspection Agency TÜV. The integrated 360° swivel is ideal for suspending hammock chairs on a rope, and it even prevents the rope from twisting as the hammock chair turns. The integrated spreader keeps the hammock chair open exactly as needed. And every hammock chair is available in numerous combinations with a stand.

Pure relaxation at home

Compared to hammocks, hammock chairs need less space for hanging them up within your own four walls, and they also offer genuine comfort (particularly the lounge size). High-quality wood stands like Vela give every hammock chair the opportunity to be an elegant and stylish piece of furniture and add something to every room.

Weatherproof hammock chair for the garden

For those wanting carefree relaxation in their hammock chair in their garden, LA SIESTA offers hammock chair models made of weatherproof materials. The HamacTex® fibre was specially developed for outdoor usage. It stands up to the weather better than conventional cotton, yet it is still similarly silky and soft.

For the sake of our environment: Organic cotton and FSC-certified woods

The environment and people are especially important to LA SIESTA in producing our products, which is why LA SIESTA’s goal is the usage of more and more materials from sustainable and responsible agriculture and forestry. Many hammock chair models already use organic cotton, and all of our spreader bars are made from 100% FSC-certified wood sourced from sustainable forestry.