Hammock with stand

Convenient and fancy: The combination of a hammock and a stylish stand will be the new favourite place in your garden - for relaxation and as a visual highlight.

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Hammock with a stand

LA SIESTA offers hammocks with stands  in a multitude of combinations of hammocks and high-quality stands. Our star: Canoa, a wooden stand  made of FSC-certified wood is an elegant beauty for your garden – an outdoor hammock and stand can’t be set up much more beautifully than this.

Not tied to one place

The distinct advantage of a hammock with a stand: It is not tied to a fixed location. It can be easily set up in your preferred place to enjoy the sun, the shade, take shelter from the wind or simply enjoy a good view. Frequent places for setting up a hammock are the garden, the patio and the balcony. And naturally it is possible to set it up indoors as well. Anywhere you want to take a deep breath and relax.

Elegant piece of (patio) furniture

With its elegant Canoa wood stand, a hammock really catches the eye and makes any garden more stylish. A hammock with a tasteful stand is truly a proper statement of a relaxed attitude towards life, and always a popular attraction.

Individually combining hammocks and stands

Individual combinations of hammocks and stands are naturally possible as well. However, the correct size of the stand and the hammock must be taken into consideration here. A king-sized hammock will be optimally suspended on a king-sized stand.

FSC-certified wood

Our goal is to treat the planet’s resources responsibly, which is why we use 100% FSC-certified wood sourced from well-managed forestry for our Canoa wood models.